A few words about tarragon February 20, 2014 at 9:20 am

Tarragon or tarragon - plant of the genus Artemisia , a spice commonly used in cooking meat dishes, in canning and pickling . Has a spicy aroma and taste. There are varieties of tarragon salad , found in Central Asia and the Caucasus , and aromatic - they are grown in the Ukraine and Moldova.
The composition of plant leaves allows him to prevent the growth of bacteria. Therefore, the workpiece with tarragon perpetuate taste, color and smell of vegetables, make them stronger. In the form of a dry powder stored for a long time spice in a closed container and is used as a seasoning .

In fresh tarragon added pickling cucumbers and tomatoes in , various marinades, in sauerkraut, soaked pears and apples. Finely chop the leaves and use in any salads, meat dishes and light sauces. Tasty dish of stewed carrots obtained with tarragon , added to the end before start . Can not do without him, and lemon sauce, served with boiled eggs . Tarragon - a mandatory component of the Tartar sauce , a perfect place to fish and cold baked pork.
Tarragon - favorite product dietary cooking , such as dill and parsley . He's good with any meal : omelets , steaks and chops , boiled zucchini, cauliflower with gherkins or ham with apples .
This condiment love Italian, Spanish and Greek chef. It is part of a salad «nicejskiego», fish- vegetable stew and complements dishes of chicken in white wine . In Hungarian cuisine tarragon added to bigos , potatoes , soups , lamb , fish , green beans and game. Azerbaijani cuisine rice pilaf is prepared in a special way , using tarragon . Add it and the Kazakh traditional manti .
With tarragon flavored liquors and wines . If the bundle branches plants dried or fresh , put in a jar with vodka, in a few weeks, he will give it a spicy aroma and special taste . From it is prepared and known for its refreshing properties "Tarragon ". In France, of tarragon vinegar make custom , which is charged with salted fish . This vinegar is suitable for canning and dishes with mushrooms, tomatoes , meat ( lamb and veal ) , asparagus , beans , crab and cauliflower.
Great drink with tarragon can cook yourself . For this purpose the green beam (approximately 100 grams per liter of water ) should be crushed in a blender , or a knife , to add the lemon juice ( lemon not more than 0.5 ) of about 3 tbsp. spoons of sugar , cover with cold water , soda can , and leave for a day in a cool place .
Now lemonade ready , we can only drain. And he will not let this emerald color as the purchase , but will be completely natural and helpful , with lovely refreshing properties .

Has long been believed that cures scurvy tarragon , cleanses the blood , has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect , improves appetite , relieves stomach cramps and improves digestion . In India, the Raja took decoction of tarragon . Carotene and vitamin C as part of tarragon give strength and courage . Spice soothes and improves sleep, used in the treatment of pulmonary diseases .

Cook soap October 26, 2013 at 8:30 am

  Natural and scented soap can be easily done at home . To do this, grind 1-2 pieces of baby soap ( grated or cut with a knife ) It is desirable that the resulting pieces were small, then it will melt faster . Collect the shredded soap into a glass , add a little water and 1 tsp sugar. All of this goes into the oven for forty seconds.

Periodically delete to foam up as long as the soap is completely melted . In the resulting blank for flavor , you can add essential oil is sold in any pharmacy , and even coffee grounds. Giving shape soap , leave it for 2 hours to solidify.

You may want to make a multi-colored soap. You can use calendula and sea buckthorn oil, which will give the soap is not only the color , the smell , but also endow its healing properties. As natural dyes can still use honey and hlorfilipt ( alcohol solution on herbs sold in pharmacies) . Just do not forget to share soap billet into two parts so that each of them has absorbed the property of their dye. And after they should put one by one and wait until the soap hardens . It is advisable to use a soap of the day at 3, giving him the opportunity to be as cool.

Handmade natural cosmetics September 12, 2013 at 2:22 pm

Despite the great variety of traditional cosmetic products offered by modern producers , many women still prefer natural cosmetics.

The main advantage of natural resources for the care of appearance is the lack of dyes and preservatives. At home, you can prepare your own shampoos , masks , scrubs , soaps , lotions and tonics , selection of ingredients which should be carried out , focusing on your hair type and skin.
With this you can be sure that such materials with ambiguous effects on health, such as parabens in cosmetics are not available.
To prepare homemade beauty products in the course are almost all natural ingredients : fruits , vegetables , dairy products, honey , berries, cosmetic clay , grass. However , trying out different combinations of ingredients and experimenting with their proportions, do not forget about the time-tested recipes.

Handmade natural cosmetics for hair care
It is easy enough to prepare the shampoo out of egg yolks , gives hair strength and shine : a two- whipped yolks , add ten milliliters of brandy and twenty milliliters of lemon juice . Mix and apply massaged .
Ideal for oily hair shampoo out of mustard. To make it necessary to dilute tablespoon mustard in two liters of water and then the resulting solution washed hair.
To feed dry hair should use natural oils ( castor , olive , burdock ) . A teaspoon of oil should be mixed with egg yolk , adding a little water and rub the mixture into wet hair . After three to five minutes, rinse agent .
There remains the question of getting rid of dandruff. Often it is the people's money to be most effective in solving the problem. The main component of a home -dandruff shampoo is the nettle, as in dried or in the form of a freshly picked . To prepare the necessary means one hundred grams of green soak in a liter of water in which the pre- add five milliliters of vinegar. The resulting mixture should be brought to the boil , drain and diluted in a ratio of one to two.

Handmade natural cosmetics for skin care
It is known that the first commandment of cosmetology is regular and effective cleansing of the skin. Therefore, any woman that wants to have beautiful skin without face scrubs can not do. And here there are a lot of options simplest and effective recipes. For example, for the preparation of coffee and cheesecake scrub is necessary to collect coffee grounds to cool, then mix with fat cottage cheese , taken in the same amount . The resulting composition should be applied to the face in a circular soft movements . After ten minutes, rinse with warm water and scrub .

Natural handmade cosmetics : safety measures
Using natural cosmetics , remember that a failed application or abuse prescription it can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, before actually using any means prepared yourself , you need to test on an inconspicuous area of the skin. Also, over a period of home use of cosmetic products should ensure that the condition of the skin and hair are not getting worse .

How to choose a pillow that is useful for the health September 6, 2013 at 3:09 pm

  How to choose a pillow that is useful for health in the dream you spend eight hours a day. A good night's sleep you can only convenient and high-quality pillow!
Along with the traditional filling (down or feather) , you can choose any other - modern components pillows keep their shape well , many of them have orthopedic effect , and, most importantly, do not cause allergic reactions.
Sheep's wool. Pillows filled with so comfortable and very rarely cause allergies. The only drawback - a few months after the operation can be matted wool filler , and a pillow to be replaced.
Buckwheat hulls . Natural filler, which among other things has aromatherapy properties, helps with insomnia and also has a light massage effect , relieving the pain in the cervical spine . Pillow easily to the shape of the head and provides a reliable support . It does not cause allergies, and absorbs moisture.
Synthetic fillers . The special treatment of bacterial polyester fiber or fibers komforelevyh protects the product from bacteria , the pillow is easy to wash in the machine, retains heat well , perfectly preserves the volume and shape , and does not cause allergies. It is very popular now and natural latex ( made ​​of foam rubber). This material is not cheap , so is mainly used for the manufacture of orthopedic pillows.

by size
Choosing a pillow in the store , take into account the type of mattress , their habits and the width of the shoulders.
· The wider shoulders, the higher the pillow. Most of them have a height of 10-14 cm, but broad-shouldered men height of the pillow should be at least 14-17 cm
· Do you prefer to sleep on your back, you will accept a lower pillow than if you usually sleep on your side.
· On a soft mattress is better to use a low pillow, on a solid fit higher .

12 little secrets for the needle. March 18, 2013 at 2:48 pm

1. If the products are hand knitted ironing you a little fire to it, attach to this place cut raw onions for 15 minutes. Burn mark disappears.
2. Products made of hand knitting is not hung on a hanger in the closet. They are stored folded on the shelf.
3. Relief patterns can not be stripped, they will be flat.
4. Loops for the buttons will not be extended, if the inside out with their oil with varnish.
5. Matted product easier to dissolve, it should be sprinkled with talcum powder.
6. If your model is obtained narrower than intended, you need to do in the side seams associated gum paste.
7. When vyvyazyvanii trims use a slender needle edge will be much more accurate and will not be so quick to stretch.
8. If you are knitting yarns in two additions, try to pull both strands equally.
9. If the edge of the collar golf tie last 2-3 series spokes thicker, the edge would be better to stretch.
10. If you are knitting a product of black or dark yarn, in order to facilitate the work of the eye, lay a white sheet on their knees.
11. Supporting arm should always be in polnomera thinner than the main arm.
12. If you need the product front knit stitch, follow the first 2-3 rows of rubber 1x1, then the edge will not twist.

Plektrantus. Secrets of care. at 2:44 pm

Plektrantus. Secrets of care.
Plektrantus (Plectranthus) - evergreen shrubs, shrubs and herbaceous plants of the family Labiatae (Lamiaceae). Plektrantus prized for decorative appeal leaves for rapid growth and whimsicality of care. The plant's leaves are opposite, entire, toothed on the edges, with a pleasant aroma.

Stems green, tetrahedral. The flowers are small, clustered in terminal racemes, purple, lilac or belye.Plektrantus needs bright ambient light, but not direct sunlight.

Needs fresh air. In the winter, the lack of color, a dosvechivat fluorescent light, otherwise the leaves lose their decorative privlekatelnost.Dlya plektrantusa in spring and summer, the optimum temperature is 18-25 ° C in winter, about 12-16 ° C. If you can provide a cool winter, you need good lighting, or high temperature and poor light will lead to izrastaniyu plektrantusa.

From March to September plektrantus be watered abundantly, after the top layer of soil is dry. In the fall and winter watering is moderate, a day or two after the drying of the top layer of the substrate. Water the well-settled with room temperatury.V spring and summer plektrantus fed 2 times a month, alternating organic and mineral fertilizers.

Stretched out over the winter shoots in the spring cut half the length. Plektrantus propagated by cuttings and dividing the bush for the transplant.
Stem cuttings of 10 cm root well in water.

Top 5 female plants. at 2:42 pm

female grass.
Use flowers, leaves. Bactericidal, anti dizinfitsiruyuschee action. Is effective in cervical erosion, thrush.
* 30 grams of marigold flowers pour 200 ml of boiling water for 30 minutes.
Drink warm 1/3 cup 2-3 times a day.

Used all of the useful plant. Improves circulation, tones and accelerates the appearance of menstruation and relieve pain.
* 2 tbsp. tablespoons sugar and 1 tbsp. of boiling water, leave for an hour. Take 50 ml 3-4 times a day.

Gather the top of the plants with flowers. Wound healing, hemostatic, increases lactation in nursing mothers.
* 1 tbsp. spoon, pour a glass of boiling water, bring to a boil, let stand 50 minutes., drain.
Take 1 tbsp. spoon 3 times a day for half an hour before meals.

Melilotus officinalis.
Apply the aboveground part of the plant. Effective with the menopause, mastitis.
* 1 tbsp. a spoonful of sweet clover and 10 st. spoons mother and stepmother pour 200 ml boiling water, 20 min., cool, strain.
Drink a ½ cup 3 times a day.

Use color. For painful menstruation, uterine bleeding, gynecological diseases.
* 1 tbsp. Chamomile spoon pour 250 ml boiling water. For 20 min. Take 1 tbsp. spoon 4 times a day.

Use for the benefit of your health beneficial herbs. Grow them on your site is not difficult. Harvest the future and have them all year round give you his healing powers.

Godetsiya beautiful! at 2:39 pm

This beautiful flower is very loved by gardeners.
Godetsiya - an annual plant height of 40-60 cm with smooth branched stems. The flowers are single or double, large, 6-7 cm in diameter, are collected in the lush blossoms.

When the flowers bloom, the hand looks very elegant. Flower color white, pink, crimson, purple, lilac-purple, and there are variegated forms.

Profuse flowering lasts from late July until frost.
Godetsiya looks great against the lawn, in the flower beds and perennial borders. Tall varieties are good for cutting. Large elegant flowers godetsii delicate colors unusually decorative, they also grow on balconies.

Cultivation and care.
Godetsiya - unpretentious, cold-resistant, photophilous plant that grows well in sunny open areas. It tolerates up to -3 ° C, so the seedlings can be planted early enough in the ground, without fear of late frosts. Godetsiya normally prefers moist, neutral, fairly nutrient-rich loamy soil. Before digging into the soil area added organic fertilizer and 5 kg of humus or compost from mineral fertilizers, 1 tbsp. spoon nitrophosphate and "Agricola for flowering plants", and 200 g of wood ash per 1 m ². Flowering wear with frequent rain and in dry summers.

Recommended feeding complete mineral fertilizer nitrophoska before flowering (2 times in 1 tbsp. Tablespoon per 10 liters of water). Watering is needed for drying of the soil, excess water plants tolerate bad.

Godetsiyu Propagated by seeds. Seeds for seedlings planted in pots in March - April, the seedlings are transplanted outdoors in mid-May. Seated at a distance of 20-25 cm from each other. Seeds are sown in the open ground, slightly prisypaya in early May. Germination period of 7-10 days.
We must know that godetsiya painful transplant takes, so transplant it with a wet lump of earth on the roots or seedlings grown in nutrient pots. Flowering occurs within 60-80 days after sowing.

Monarch, a mixture of colors. Great undersized (up to 20 cm in height) plant, abundant flowering from June to September. Beautiful flowers, like bells, various bright colors.
In the culture of most charming and cultivated godetsiyu godetsiyu Grandiflora.
Godetsiya pretty - a plant height of 30 to 60 cm flowers are double, white, pink and carmine - red color, sometimes two-tone, with a diameter of 5.8 cm
Godetsiya Grandiflora - plant height of 20-40 cm Flowering plentiful. The flowers are large, with a diameter of up to 8 cm, funnel-shaped, the same color as that of godetsii charming.
The most decorative Group azalietsvetnyh godetsy with double flowers.

5 Tips growers. A few simple rules can help to grow a beautiful flower bed at the cottage. at 2:37 pm

1. Choose the right lighting

Sun-marigold, marigolds, petunias and some geraniums need sun at least 6 hours a day. Growing in the shade of violet and azaleas enough 4 hours. Shade Begonia feel well without direct sunlight.

2. Prepare the soil

Dug up and mix it with compost or flower fertilizer. Before you plant a plant, tap the bottom of a container to release the roots. Plant seedlings zigzag. No need to plant bushes in a ticker, it looks unnatural.

3. Water the plant daily

Street annuals almost impossible to fill. To check the humidity, lower finger in the ground - it should not be dry.

4. stimulate flowering

Remove faded blossoms before seeds begin to ripen. In order not to damage plants, do it clippers.

5. Fertilizer for roses

Dig into the soil around the roots of banana peel (1-2 cm). It fuels rose and helps fight diseases.

How to clean silver jewelry with ammonia? at 2:30 pm

Ammonia - is the most famous silver cleaner that you can use at home. Cleaning silver is fast enough and with almost no effort on your part. The main thing is that this method is safe for decoration.

Keep in mind that if this is silver jewelry with precious stones, the ammonia should be used with caution (no more than 5 drops in a glass of water). When cleaning items with pearls ammonia is not recommended, because under the influence of ammonia pearls may darken.

To clean silver ammonia, you first need to prepare a solution.

Take a container of such size that it could be put any silverware.
Prepare an aqueous solution of ammonia in a ratio of 1:10 (for example, 1 tablespoon of alcohol to 10 tablespoons of water).

Immerse the diluted ammonia silver for 15-30 minutes (depending on the degree of contamination of the surface of the product.)
That the solution was stronger, you can add a little soap and hydrogen peroxide. Then wipe with a lint-free cloth ornaments.